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     Anhui Fenghui Metal Co., Ltd., founded in 2007 and located in Xicheng Industrial Park, Jieshou Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province, is a modern enterprise specialized in the production of aluminium plate, color coated aluminum coil, aluminium plastic panel as well as the R&D of copper base shape memory alloy and high strength aluminum alloy. Currently we have 96 employees including 39 technicians, 3 cast rolling production lines, 4 color coated aluminum production lines and aluminum plastic composite material production lines, with annual output of 50,000 tons of aluminum plate belt, 60,000 tons of color coated aluminum plate, aluminum plastic plate and high-end construction and decoration materials, and over 70% exported orders of the products, which are mainly used in curtain wall board in theaters and high-speed railways as well as indoor decoration and poster board etc., and exported to a dozen of countries and regions including Africa and Southeast Asia etc.

    Company signed the “research cooperation agreement” with Hefei University of Technology, and set up the graduate practice base in it, purchased advanced testing and detection equipment such as spectrum analyzer, cupping machine, photoelectric rectification instrument etc. In 2011, the “Productivity Promotion Center of Anhui Renewable Copper and Aluminum” was approved and became the provincial key lab. Our independently-researched 48 technologies and products including the “high intensity aluminum alloy panel”, “Memory alloy generating set based on auto waste heat” etc. gained national invention patents, which can create benefits of more than 5 million yuan for our company through technology innovation. The “high intensity magnesium alloy” co-researched with Hefei University of Technology can be used in plane manufacturing materials and has been signed contract with The Boeing Company. Our company has successively gained “Top 100 Unit of Anhui Enterprise Brands”, Anhui Enterprise Technology Center; Anhui Innovative Pilot Enterprise; High-tech Enterprise and other honors. Additionally many of our products won title of Anhui New Products and High-tech Products; in 2016 our “universal technical condition of coated aluminum panel” gained Industry Standard Affirmation of Anhui Non-ferrous Metal Standard Technical Committee, which will guide Anhui coated aluminum panel industry to the normalization, standardization and industrialization. What’s more, our company has successfully passed ISO9002 Quality System Authentication and ISO14000 Environmental System Certification, as well as the safety production standard certification issued by State Administration of Work Safety.

    In 2014 our company was listed in Anhui Equity Exchange (Stock Code: 800053), becoming the first enterprise listed on Fourth Board in Jieshou City. Currently Company is working on the New Three Board market and stock option with many securities traders, aiming to enter China’s equity and capital transaction field with new attitude in the future.

   Our president ZHANG Feng made a living away from home alone when he was fifteen, and felt obsessed in his hometown after becoming rich, therefore in 2006 he returned home and started the business. With the management concept of “Running business with virtue, and treating people honestly”, he worked hard for years and accumulate steadily, and now has been titled as “National Venture Star”, “China’s Honest Man”, “Moral Models” etc. Our top managers successively participated in EMBA senior president training class in Peking University and Tsinghua University, introduced modern enterprise management system, and created the unique company culture to improve employees’ quality, enrich sparetime life and enhance the cohesive force. Company is keen on public welfare, and donated 300,000 yuan to set “Fenghui Fund” to reward poor students and excellent teachers; sponsored the first “Fenghui Cup Five-Virtue Family” selection activity in Jieshou City, and delivered warmth to the local stay-at-home kids and lonely elderly people; Company focus on environmental protection and conducted the Blue Sky Project, developed circular economy, made use of the local wasted straw and branch to produce chemical particles, and combined our patent technology “biomass” burning system for smelt, which has no pollution during the production, solved the problem of probiting stalk burning, and greatly reduced the haze. And our company now is titled as “Anhui Ecological (Low carbon) Industry Demonstration Site”.

    During the “13th Five Year Plan”, we plan to invest another 700 million yuan to form the overall production capacity of 150,000 tons of high intensity aluminum alloy plate strip, high-end constructional eco-friendly decoration materials, plan to enter “graphene” industry, which, after production, is estimated to fulfill the annual output of 3 billion yuan, profit and tax of 50 million yuan, including 100 million dollars of earn foreign exchange through exports.

    We have great confidence in our future development, and Fenghui People will step forward with our honor and dream to make every effort to create the first-class company, strive to be the leader of aluminum processing industry, and play the strongest voice of the times with brave attitude! 

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